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VanJee Multi-lane Free Flow System in Wuhan City


The multi-lane free flow (MLFF) is a system that allows free-flow high-speed tolling for all highway users. In order to deal with the large amount of traffic flow in highway, VanJee provides ETC system to make the highway have more efficient and suitable transportation system. What’s more, VanJee believed that Multi-Lane Free Flow System is the best choice for traffic congestion management in highway.

In 2010, VanJee took part in the first China Multi-Lane Free Flow (MLFF) System in Wuhan successfully. VanJee became the first implementer of the Multi-Lane free flow system in China. Many data have caused great sensation after using Multi-Lane Free Flow, such as: traffic flow rate has increased by 23%, exhaust emissions rate has dropped by 60% and the accident rate has dropped by 15%.

By implementing the MLFF system, traffic congestion at toll plazas can be reduced as the system allows free flow high speed toll system. The cost to maintain and operate toll collection system is also much lower compared to current system. With MLFF implementation, toll operator at lane and plaza is minimally required. The current toll plaza will be replaced by a gantry installed with RSU antenna for the purpose of reading the OBU (on board unit) or vehicle plate number. This new concept means that toll plaza is no longer required (or much smaller than current toll plaza size) which therefore reduces the construction and operation cost. As for the user, they only need to get the OBU and register to their vehicle. They can pass the highway more efficient.

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