What value can VanJee provide for you?

Over the past 25 years, VanJee Technology has focused on the research of vehicle dynamic weighing technology and has accumulated more than 10,000 lanes in the country, accumulating massive data and rich experience. Based on the deep understanding of the whole business process of overloading control


The laser business of VanJee Technology started in 2010, consisting of Beijing headquarters and Wuhan R&D center. Since its establishment, it has been continuously absorbing professional technical talents, insisting on independent innovation, focusing on technology transformation,


By the end of 2019, VanJee has provided more than 40 million vehicle electronic tags and 80,000 RSU roadside units to the market, making it the leading ETC company in China. After more than ten years of development


Through the deployment of intelligent base stations that integrate edge computing technology at the roadside, Wanji Technology uses high-precision lidar, V2X communication, video recognition and other sensors to give roads multi-dimensional perception capabilities to achieve real-time information interaction between road infrastructure, vehicles, and the cloud. Form an integrated intelligent transportation network of intelligent traffic management and control, intelligent dynamic information services, and automatic driving of connected vehicles.


VanJee Automobile Electronics Division (AE) is the core department of the VanJee vehicle ecological strategy. VanJee Automotive Electronics Division has developed automotive grade 3D-LiDAR, V2X OBU, pre-installed-ETC.

What is happening in VanJee?

What makes VanJee different after 10-year focus on LiDAR?

LiDAR, as the most mature, stable and accurate sensor, has been the most popular in recent years. As early as the domestic LiDAR commercialization is still in its infancy, VanJee has begun to make a comprehensive layout. 10 years of dedication has yielded fruitful results. VanJee LiDAR has always adhered to " Make products down-to-earth and push innovation boldly", and we will continue to work steadily in the LiDAR industry for a long time. From the use of imported products to comprehensive independent research and development; from exploring highway, rail, and port application scenarios to proposing new V2X application solutions; from realizing localized substitution in the robot market to custom car-level LiDAR. 01 Technological self-improvement, with great concentration of domestic ingenuity. VanJee Technology, the leader in the domestic intelligent transportation field, has been focusing on the collection and processing of traffic information since its establishment in 1994. ETC, dynamic weighing detection, over-limit and overload management, and highway traffic situation investigation have achieved industry-first achievements in the industry, but not many people know about LiDAR. VanJee's research on LiDAR began in 2010, when LiDAR was mainly used in military and industrial fields. In the process of exploring road traffic solutions, product engineers found that LiDAR technology has great advantages in detecting vehicle information and vehicle flow. But the disadvantage is that the LiDAR products are unique to foreign companies, and the domestic LiDAR field is still blank. Everyone understands the consequences of the core components' dependence on foreign countries. The first is that the bargaining power is completely in other countries, and the other party jointly raises prices, and we can only be forced to accept it; second, due to the lack of customization and service inconvenience, as well as the lack of supply timeliness, channel rationality, etc., it is unable to meet domestic demand . The company has built a series of high-level testing laboratories, microwave physics laboratories, optical laboratories, environmental laboratories, etc. The company even invested in a 100,000-level dust-free workshop to provide guarantee for the production of LiDAR. To ensure that the production and research of the project will be promoted quickly. With the determination and perseverance of VanJee people, VanJee Technology successfully launched the WLR-710 model LiDAR based on independent intellectual property rights, and successfully realized the significant breakthrough of LiDAR technology from 0 to 1. This is also the earliest independent research and development LiDAR in China. 02 Made in China 2025, LiDAR boosts smart transportation In May 2015, the State Council promulgated the "Made in China 2025", which clarified that through government guidance and integration of resources, five major projects, including the construction of a national manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, and high-end equipment innovation, will be implemented. The key common technological breakthrough for the development of manufacturing industry. LiDAR is recognized as a key high-tech industry with huge market prospects and industrial scale. Strong winds come from breeze. VanJee took advantage of the trend, and with the help of the policy, formally formulated a 10-year development strategy for LiDAR in 2015, and is committed to the localization of LiDAR for roads, rails, ports, smart equipment, and unmanned driving applications in the entire industry. VanJee officially chose Wuhan as the location of its LiDAR business center, aiming at Wuhan as one of the cities with the highest concentration of talents in the optoelectronic industry in the country. Since then, based on Wuhan, a group of people exploring the same goal have begun to gather together. With the help of the Group’s technical accumulation in the transportation field, it has successively expanded the innovative applications of road transportation, such as traffic situation investigation, model recognition, axle type (drive shaft) recognition, vehicle size detection, ETC anti-cheating and other LiDAR-based solutions. And Demonstration projects of intelligent network connection in cities such as Xiong'an, Suzhou and Xi'an have been applied successively. The 32-line LiDAR WLR-732 is customized for the application of vehicle-road collaborative roadbed sensing. The output radius of the radar is 200m, and the high-quality raw point cloud data in the vertical field of view is 37°. It can be used for urban traffic detection, terrain surveying and mapping, and unmanned driving. Perceiving the scene has promoted the pace of smart city construction. At the first domestic intelligent networked expressway test base of Binlai Expressway in Shandong Province, VanJee uses the world’s first V2X+ roadside 3D LiDAR vehicle-road collaboration solution to achieve real-time vehicle-road information for all sections of the expressway. Interactive. In China, you can see VanJee LiDAR in the traffic arteries in Beijing, Shaanxi, Liaoning, Hubei and other places, or at the highway intersections in Zhejiang, Sichuan, Henan, and Hainan. 03 The robot market’s dividends have "exploded", and quality has won recognition. With the help of capital, the field of LiDAR ushered in a large-scale entrepreneurial wave in 2018. In order to win the attention of the outside world, the entire industry has fallen into an endless product parameter competition, and almost every conference will be accompanied by the birth of a higher parameter. At this time, every practitioner is faced with a choice: whether to pursue high-parameter conceptualization of new products to quickly attract attention; or to take a foothold in the market and steadily polish products with stable performance and mass production? VanJee chose the market. In 2018, commercial robots are on the eve of an explosion in demand. LiDAR has become a key component due to precise navigation and safe obstacle avoidance. However, the foreign LiDAR commonly used by manufacturers at that time is extremely expensive, accounting for almost a quarter of the overall cost of robots. The price has become a barrier to the large-scale popularization of LiDAR. In order to release market demand, VanJee LiDAR took two-pronged approach, cooperated closely with customers in R&D, and upgraded and upgraded the 10,000-level-class dust-free workshop in production. WLR-712, WLR-716, and WLR-718 finally came into being. The product has been greatly reduced in price while ensuring high performance. It can also achieve millimeter-level ranging accuracy and stable point cloud data in real outdoor scenes, which truly meets the needs of my country's commercial robot manufacturers. Facts have proved that good products will naturally bring commercial value. In 2020, due to the need to fight the epidemic, robots are welcomed by the market with the advantage of zero contact. According to the latest data released by Strategy Analytics, shipments in the cleaning and disinfection sector have soared by 165% in 2020, and shipments of express and logistics robots have increased by 84% in the same period. Industrial robots have also achieved explosive growth. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, from January to December 2020, the national output of industrial robots was 237,068 units, a year-on-year increase of 19.1%. As an upstream manufacturer of robots, LiDAR has simultaneously ushered in a period of demand blowout. VanJee quickly occupied the market high ground with stable and cost-effective LiDAR products, and VanJee LiDAR appeared on more and more robots. During the pandemic, the cleaning robots participating in the front line of the anti-pandemic reduce the risk of infection; the service robots that provide services to customers in shopping malls allow ordinary people to feel the convenience of technology; 04 Move steadily to meet the future of unmanned driving. Autonomous driving has very strict requirements for LiDAR products, and the car-level has the most stringent standards. Although different car companies have slightly different requirements for accessories, their product specifications are higher than commercial level. And industrial grade, some key indicators are second only to military grade. From the very beginning, VanJee's vehicle-mounted LiDAR has been developed with the most stringent standards. VanJee follows the industry's highest standards in circuit and structure design, chip and process selection, and has passed a large number of experiments to test the stability of the equipment under various extreme conditions. Therefore, as early as 2018, VanJee 8-line LiDAR was the first to pass the vehicle-level verification, and it was also the few domestic mass-produced products that passed the vehicle-level verification at that time. High-standard products are exchanged for high-quality cooperation. In March 2019, the Boao Forum for Asia "Boao Intelligent Connected Car and 5G Application Pilot Project", Yutong driverless bus equipped with VanJee Technology's 8-line 3D LiDAR was unveiled. The 8-line product is just the beginning, and the product and research and development are in a rapid iteration and upgrade stage. This year VanJee will launch a new car-level 16-line LiDAR radar. Solid-state LiDAR is regarded as the future trend of the industry. In order to better grasp this trend, VanJee chose the path of industry-university integration and actively embraced the most cutting-edge academic technology, because the only way to realize the commercialization of the concept is technological breakthroughs. In 2016, under the strategic guidance of the group, VanJee Technology signed a contract with the Institute of Semiconductors of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. The next stage of in-depth research will be carried out in the field of photonic integrated chips and LiDAR chips. This project was supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China in 2019 and became the only key project in the field of silicon-based chip LiDAR chips that received state-level funding. Looking back at the past, as the earliest participant in domestic LiDAR, VanJee has been continuously exploring and integrating the technical resources accumulated over the years with customers in various industries that have cooperated in-depth on the product side. Entering 2021, China's automation process is accelerating in an all-round way. VanJee will continue to walk with the times with the original intention of pioneering and innovating, and polish the technical details with a pragmatic and persistent attitude, and promote my country to move towards the era of industrial interconnection that perceives everything.
Multi ETC lane solution

The number of ETC users soar into a higher level. Tollbooth in major cities and the main roads face more traffic problems. Many highway demand three ETC lanes or even more to deal with heavy traffic flow. VanJee introduces the multi ETC lane solution which adopts 2nd generation of rode side units, utilizes phased array

Ju County Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Intelligent Overload Con
In order to further crack the problem of overloading truck management and improve the level of road traffic technology supervision, the county Public Security Bureau and the Transport Bureau, in consultation
Wuhan Military Games Dongfeng V2X Project
On October 18, 2019, Wanji Technology helped Dongfeng Motor at the Wuhan Military Games to achieve the first demonstration of vehicle-road-cloud trinity interconnection application in the V2X industry, the system integrates V2X OBU, vehicle 3D high-precision map, high-precision positioning, vehicle integrated information system, road-based LIDAR perception, V2X RSU and vehicle networking cloud platform, the entire V2X OBU is connected to the vehicle in accordance with The entire V2X OBU is fused with the body in accordance with the front loading requirements and connected to the in-vehicle network through CAN, while the vehicle is synchronized with the roadside infrastructure and the cloud for data transmission, realizing the information interconnection of vehicle-road-cloud, and the application scenario reflects V2X's unique out-of-visual-range information perception, such as intersection collision, traffic light information reminder, and emergency braking ahead, etc. The integration with high-precision positioning and 3D high-precision map is completed, and the information from The vehicle integrated information system display end to give drivers more accurate information tips.
Xiong'an New District LTE-V/5G Vehicle-Road Cooperative Intelligent Driving Demo
In April 2019, Wanji Technology used mobile Internet, cloud computing, 5G, C-V2X, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies at the Citizen Service Center in Xiong'an New District to create a modern travel environment for Xiong'an. Based on omni-directional perception technology and V2X technology, it realizes road information collection and vehicle-road collaboration, transforms intelligent vehicles with certain automatic driving functions, so that they can autonomously perceive road information and conduct autonomous driving demonstration operations; build a V2X cloud computing platform for development Open road V2X application test, deploy basic vehicle-road collaborative applications, and be compatible with the development of 5G technology.
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Why VanJee products are different?
Research & Development

VanJee Technology built a multi-dimensional R&D system combined with the upper and lower three major researching institutes in Beijing、Wuhan and Shenzhen Research. The R&D Centers of the Operation Division have developed in a synergic way, while the headquarter institute would pre-researching and develop cutting-edge products under the strategic layout of the company. Through comprehensive technical cooperation with other external institutions and programs, the company has realized the integration between internal and external R&D.


VanJee Technology has built a manufacturing center covering 42,500 square meters in Shunyi District, Beijing. The production base is equipped with an ETC automatic production line,


 Since it was founded, VanJee Technology has been so responsible for the customers that it just treated them like treating its own life and continued to improve and enhance its quality management system.


We care about customers. We always put the customers as our priority. We have been practicing the customer-oriented idea having been inherited from generation after generation. VanJee people from the very first client and had achieved win-win situation with them.

VanJee Technology
VanJee Technology focuses on Intelligent Transport System (ITS) which includes traffic products and highly sophisticated and tailormade traffic solution. VanJee has four major product lines: 1. LiDAR, 2 Weigh-In-Motion, 3. Electronic Toll Collection (ETC), 4. V2X. Additionally, VanJee Technology is a public traded company at Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SHE: 300552). VanJee Technology headquarter is located at Beijing ZhongGuanCun software park which known as the Chinese Silicon Valley because the best Chinese high-tech companies and several global companies are located here.